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Mobile Development

Smart Phones and Mobile App technology are changing the ways people shop, do business and socialize. For many people nowadays, mobile phone is more than a functional accessory, it’s an integral part of their lifestyle.

SatuVisiPro can help you create a mobile app that appeals to your customers and at the same time build brand loyalty, increase website traffic or even increase sales – the opportunities are endless.

We’ll take care of everything:

  • Develop creative concepts so audience will want to download and tell their friends
  • Competitor App analysis
  • Research and Wireframe your new App to ensure excellent functionality
  • Design the App using your branding and style guidelines
  • Create Apps for online shopping
  • Create Apps with integrated, intelligent GPS based maps
  • Fully test the App so it’s ready to go
  • Help and promote the App through online marketing and social media
  • Track your App’s sales and downloads

Mobile Development

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